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His story 


After a solid engineering education (Polytechnique + Corps des Mines), Cédric was head of division for the French Nuclear Safety Authority before happily diving into entrepreneurship: He spent more than 15 years as President of the Telligo group, that he created, and of which he made the French number 2 in children's holydays (turnover €35m - 300 staff members - €4m raised in 2008 - 5 colleagues bought out - sale in 2017/2018 to UCPA and Sodexho).


After the sale of Telligo, he wanted to completely change his universe to become an AI expert. He did not hesitate to go back  two full years in initial training to master the mathematical foundations and acquire excellent practical coding skills; he obtained his Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Magna Cum Laude in October 2021.

Why AI-Stroke ?

"I have a personal history, in my family, with stroke: two of my relatives were affected. I am therefore very sensitive, personally, on this. In 2021, while I was finishing my master's degree in AI research, and working for Anatoscope, a HealthTech startup, I wondered where the research on stroke detection was. I read some first research articles, then many others... and the conclusion was obvious: in the lab, researchers know how to detect a stroke from a video; in real life, no solution exists! I then decided to bring my years of experience as a business leader and my most recent expertise in AI to the service of a beautiful project... which became AI-Stroke."

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