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By Fançois Sorel 

Podcast BFM
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Diagnosing a stroke with an app that uses artificial intelligence, a Montpellier invention

published on 07/07/23

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Awarded by i-Lab, the Deeptech AI-Stroke mobilizes artificial intelligence against stroke

published on 05/07/23

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RCF Radio
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published on 06/07/23

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Published on 24/07/23

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The deeptech AI-Stroke winner of the innovation competition i-Lab 2023!

published on 05/07/2023


AI-Stroke, a winner of the i-Lab 2023 innovation competition, revolutionizes stroke detection with AI

published on 06/07/2023

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i-LAB innovation contest: AI-STROKE national winner

published on 07/07/23

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The medtech AI-Stroke of Montpellier winner of the innovation competition i-Lab 2023

published on 07/07/2023

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The Deeptech AI-STROKE winner of the innovation competition I-Lab 2023

published on 05/07/2023

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Ai-Stroke wants to detect stroke in real-time.

published on 07/07/2023

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published on 07/07/2023

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