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Our Solution

We use the latest AI and computer vision technologies to bring high-level expertise (neurologist type) everywhere and right away where non-specialists make up to 50% diagnostic errors!

The clinical signs of stroke are multiple and can be complex to recognize, but for the most part,

they can be "seen" (even if only a true MRI medical examination can confirm the stroke at 100%). Numerous scientific publications have demonstrated that artificial intelligence can distinguish a stroke based on images and videos, with an accuracy at least equal to that of an expert neurologist.



Code the NIHSS

Concretely, we are developing a mobile application to perform, with a simple smartphone, the NIHSS test (National Institute of Health Stroke Scale) which is the world reference and the best tool to detect stroke... but for which you need a trained specialist.


We will "code" the NIHSS: our application will guide a family member / caregiver / firefighter / intern of the emergency department (from a small hospital without a neurology department), indicate what the patient must do at each step of the test, and will capture the video.


AI will calculate the NIHSS score, indicate the probability of stroke, and even predict the type of stroke. This information is essential for orientation to the right hospital and will save valuable time.

cerebral (1).png

And in longer term 

We will offer tools to detect stroke in patients at risk, as well as help for better rehabilitation after stroke: rehabilitation takes a long time, involves repetitive exercises, and is actually hampered by a shortage of caregivers and logistical difficulties (travel to the practitioner must be organized).


We work with physical therapists and neurologists who are rehabilitation experts

to provide a much more fun experience while limiting travel.

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